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Full Version: World Update Contest
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In light of the world update, I've decided to host a contest. In this contest, you can use any instruments, but you also must use four of the new instruments as well. They can be any new instrument and you can use them in any way you want, but they have to at least account for a few seconds of the song and stand out. Songs must be original compositions.

Here is an example of a song that I made with the new instruments:

Once the flute works you will be able to hear it in all of its glory.

You can submit at most three entries. Entries will stop being accepted on June 1st, 2018, and the results will be announced July 1st, 2018.
- My entry (not amazing but why not?)

I have ideas for my 3 entries at least. But they are subject to change!
As of current, here they are:

World Contest Fast Swing (FINALLY FINISHED!):
Just like time, this music doesn't stop and wait. Even during transitions, it throttles on at full force.
Featuring: Ragtime Piano, Slap Bass, Vibraphone , and Jazz Guitar.

Desert Town (not decided).
Featuring: Sitar, ?, ?, and ?.

A tale told by footsteps (not started).
Featuring: Pizzicato, Distortion Guitar (?), ?, and ?.
Scratching those ideas. Got some better ones from just sequencing.

In A Cave:
This one's definitely dependent on what style you like. Some would think that the C#3 & C3 Music box is clashy, some thinks that it fits the cave atmosphere.
Featuring: Jazz Guitar, Music Box, Electric Drum Kit, and Steel Drums.

Cool Stuff With Un-implemented Instruments (maybe finished, maybe not?):
Tell me, do un-implemented instruments count towards the 4 required?
Featuring: Muted E-guitar, Pop Synth, 8-bit Drums, and Synth Bass. and, if un-implemented instruments don't count, jazz guitar and either Distortion Guitar or Slap Bass (the other of which isn't chosen above). YUS!

Also, just to be cautious (cuz you never know), any similarities to other non-original songs are just mere coincidences (I probably wouldn't even know the songs anyway).'s on
Ha, this update still hasn't broken note 69!
Reserved :D
I'll list the new instruments used.

-Music Box
-Electric Drums
-Distortion Guitar

-Music Box
-Slap Bass
(not done, I will keep on updating until June 1)
Lets *****ing go!

[X]KOTO IS GOD (World Update - Part 1)
Featuring every new instrument in this update!
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