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Full Version: Ask Me Anything! [Moderator Edition]
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We appreciate all the love and support for Online Sequencer over the past 5 years! In order to celebrate the World Update, I'd like to open an askbox for people to ask the staff (me, Jacob, dcsm, XStep, Crimson, fox, Jay2k, and ParaSpider) about the website. I may consider compiling a special video for this, so please ask some good questions! We'd love to respond to them!
what are the plans for onlinesequencer's future?
Are there enmity between the mods in any way

Reply: thanks for answering Xstep
@Alex32124 Nope
what is the gay to straight ratio for the mods
(03-18-2018, 07:36 PM)Jonah Wrote: [ -> ]what is the gay to straight ratio for the mods

Jacob: hella gay
Colton: not gay
Jay2k: gey furri
loncert: gay for gays
Vince: probably straight
XStep: inbetween Wink
Crimson: straight (like 80% sure)

thats all the mods right
oh wait me

im gay for foxes :^)
Ah jeez. You can't really put any complicated inflections in writing, huh?
Before I give my question (no, the one above wasn't it) I do have a disclaimer (because HOLY CRAP there could be some bad consequences if this was taken the wrong way): I just want to point out that no, I do not expect to be a mod, and would be very surprised if I ever became one, and I'm just asking this as a general question because I'm curious about how it works.

How does the whole "becoming a mod" process work?

Srsly tho plz don't take that the wrong way, I'm just curious on how it works, not asking you if I can become a mod.
It's always "where are the mods?" and never "how are the mods?" so

How are you all doing?
How often do you plan on updating OS in terms of new instruments ( I know we got a ton, and it's awesome!), and thanks to all the mods that work hard to keep this website running!
Why did you create OS? Also, what pronoun should I use when addressing Lucent? Also, why did Lucent come back from the dead? Also, do you still update ? It says OS ended 2015.
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