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Full Version: World Update Suggestions
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These are suggestions for the new world update. Jacob, you should really consider these because I think that I, and probably others, would very much agree. (And no this isn't a demand. Just a SUGGESTION. I don't wanna stress you out.)

And to anyone else; feel free to post your suggestions here. 

1. Colors
 - I think the colors (as of 3/19/18) are messy (but that was expected given it just got updated) To fix the whole color thing, I propose you make it so that instrument types are one general color. Now, what I mean by that is for example: all guitars are a different shades or mixes of green or all pianos are different shades/mixes of blue. This would be easier to know what's what. Also, NO EXTREMELY SIMILARS PLEASE. I don't want the drum kits lookin' exactly the same. I think we'd all like to distinguish the two. 

2. Sidebar
 - I've heard from fox and dscm that there is a good chance you guys will be moving the instruments and effects to the side of the sequencer. Just a quick suggestion if you do; list them in the same categories. 

3. Middle Click
 - Please, please please bring back the middle click. It may just not work for me, but if it doesn't work at all, then pls... bring it back. (I'm on windows.)
We need this, believe it or not!
Also, middle click does work for me.
Agreed with Guest, colors are a damn mess and it was even better when Jacob released them the first time around. :^( Having a color coded system is great- but please change the hues. Even just by a little, hues can make all the difference into providing some contrast instead of brightness or contrast. Don't change colors that didn't need to be fixed i.e. drum sets. Go back to square one with the colors and work out from there.

Also PLEASE compress the sound files for the sake of my craptop. I know caching exists, but I literally have to wait for two minutes to play around with one instrument. Audio loss is probably a major concern when these instruments sound good, but as I streamed last night, even a sequence with 319 notes kept crashing on me.

Music box sounds weird when played quickly at lower tones. Just take Merit and go to measure 9 on music box. Notes happen to skip around and I don't know if it's supposed to be like that.

Option to switch between side menus and original menus. Swear to god if you happen to add the side instruments or chat- don't make it the only option. I don't like seeing clutter on my sequencer.

Why on earth is Acoustic Guitar assigned to 2 and Grand Piano assigned to 9? The other instruments seem to be in order on the instrument shortcuts except them.

B7 on Violin. Remove the label or actually add the note. It's been bothering me for some time.
Pressing a combination of one letter and one number will set your instrument to whatever section the letter is assigned to, but count down the section for that number. This will make shortcuts more useful (If you get to learn them) as you will not have to ever access the drop-down menu again.

For example, if you pressed [O] + [6], you would get the sixth item in the orchestra section (Pizzicato). If you pressed [G]+[3], you would get the third item in the guitar section (Bass). Etc.
Middle click works for me. Such a life-saver when you are not beethoven and you want to listen to your music.