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Full Version: jonahs stuff
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yeah, i know that it should be "Jonah's", but this isn't a serious/important thread, so i don't really care about grammar rn.

anyway, i've been on os for more than 2 years now, and i've written a lot of short melody things. i don't really have a purpose for a lot of them, but some of them i've noticed give off a feeling rather distinct from the others. i've renamed the ones i've seen accordingly, and will be posting them in this thread. (they're all original). most of these use melodies that could really be thought up by anyone, so i don't really care if you use them in a song or anything, just PM me when you do. i probably wont use most of these in my real songs, otherwise i wouldn't post them here. i might take a melody or two from them and give it a small part in some of my songs though.

anyway (after all the pointless rambling), here's the list so far:

jonahs garden
jonahs virtual reality flight simulator
jonahs arcade
jonahs observatory
jonahs deathbed regrets
jonahs lonely star train
jonahs burning hometown
jonahs cloud castle

again, these aren't complete and will probably never be. hope you enjoy all the same tho.