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Full Version: 'Elemental' Remix Challenge
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So, Recently I made these 2 pieces.

It gave me an idea for a new little challenge; What other 'elements' can we make from this beat?
Now, of course, not JUST earth, wind, fire, and air. I'm focusing more on magic/spellcaster elements. I've given a list of examples below, but you can choose anything you want, so long as it makes sense to be an element. 

Primaries (Easy to compose): Fire, Water, Earth, Air
Secondaries (Medium): Lightning, Grass, Crash, Light, Dark, Ice
Combos (Medium): Nature (Grass + Storm), Plasma (Storm + Fire) Crystal (Water + Earth) Lava (Earth + Fire) Whirlwind (Water + Wind) Storm (Lightning + Water)
Ancient Elements (Hard): Dream, Nightmare, Reaper, Heavenscape, Hellscape, Spirit, Phoenix, Dragon
Universal Elements (Hard): Void, Spectrum, Space, Aurora
Other Elements (Varies, Not the best for music purposes): Technology, Metal, Time, Gravity

The goal is to use the main melody of the two themes provided and make a piece that fits the element.  Other than that,  your piece may have extra instruments, note-working or even add chords to the main melody. Just so long as the melody is recognizable. You can even change it slightly, as Fire and Ice are not exactly the same!
If you need a reference for the melody, use this.
Strikethroughs are completed pieces.
Remember, For the piece to count, the main melody MUST be present!
(04-06-2018, 08:12 AM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]Challenge Accepted...

(Does lava count?)

Anything I listed counts, AND any other ones anyone thinks up of, if they make sense. (Anything with a strikethrough has been done, though)
(04-06-2018, 08:14 AM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]You totally stole ice from tubular bells

In case you didn't know

??? can you elaborate ???
My entery.

Is it ok to have more than one entery?
Nevermind about the tubular bells. It just sounds like tubular bells a bit. Sorry.
This sounds fun, I'll probably do some after I finish my World Contest entries.
(04-06-2018, 12:43 PM)Kirbyderp Wrote: [ -> ]This sounds fun, I'll probably do some after I finish my World Contest entries.

If you press select all you will see there are still notes.
Whoops, forgot to make it a remix. Oh well.
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