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Full Version: Hi, I do stuff from time to time
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Hi everyone, I'll go by Delphinapterus here. I actually found this site a few years ago, but I've never bothered to make an account, mostly because I didn't need to—I just made one to report bugs.

I don't like composing, so I usually don't. The only composition I've made is something titled "Composition", so good luck trying to find that one. Mostly I try to recreate songs I like.

I physically can't prove to you that I've made these sequences, but here are some of my best ones: (Elton John - I'm Still Standing) (Little Mermaid - Under the Sea (Piano))

I also have recreated songs that we all hate: (Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt)

And I'm too lazy to finish most songs. Here's one from years ago: (Sia - The Greatest)

So yeah, I guess that's me.