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Full Version: Download as app?
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I'm very new here, and I love using this site, but it always crashes on me, and I don't want to lose my work. I love the midi instruments on this site. Is there anyway I can download this sequencer or midi instrument file so that I can use this offline? 
This site is called online sequencer for a reason.
You can save your sequences offline, so if the site crashes, you won't lose your work. All you have to do is click the arrow next to the save button, then click 'Save local file'.
Thanks for the reply. Whenever I download the local file, it sounds horrible on my PC. If I can't download the sequencer, is there any other soundfont that sounds good when I use it play midis from here?
The only way right now is to record the song using a audio recorder. The midi files doesn't contain
the current instruments, it only contains instructions about instruments that you have installed on your
computer and all of them sux. Recording "on the fly" is the only option I know for now. Me too wanted
something to download (and even edit some bad notes) but I guess it's something for the future.

I wrote all that without using google translate, am I getting better?  Upside_down
That was good english. And thanks for your reply, I will start recording instead of downloading the midi.