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I only made this because I got bored and it probably doesn't work, but someone might find it useful. Its a single file that has the whole website in; open it and you can compose things without the need for internet access! Save your work to a local file and you can later load it in either the offline or online version.
Are we allowed to try to add some tools to it and reupload?

edit: my song reversal tool is available \o/

'reverse': {
           name: 'Reverse',
           action: function () {
               var reverseNotes = function (measureLength) {
                   /* get time index of last note that ends */
                   var lastNoteEndExact = 0;
                   for (i = 0; i < song.notes.length; i++) {
                       var note = song.notes[i];
                       if (isNumber(note.time) && isNumber(note.length) && note.time + note.length > lastNoteEndExact) {
                           lastNoteEndExact = note.time + note.length;
                   /* determine time index of end of song based on last note and grid measures */
                   var lastNoteEnd = Math.floor(lastNoteEndExact);
                   var songEnd = lastNoteEnd - lastNoteEnd % measureLength;
                   songEnd += lastNoteEndExact > songEnd ? measureLength : 0;
                   /* reverse all notes in time */
                   for (i = 0; i < song.notes.length; i++) {
                       var note = song.notes[i];
                       if (isNumber(note.time) && isNumber(note.length)) {
                           var newTime = songEnd - note.time - note.length;
                   keySelect.selectedIndex = 0;
               /* grid measure is by default 16 (4 beats of 4 '1/4th' notes) */
               /* TODO calculate measureLength from current grid settings */
Pinning. It's about time.
Thank you
***** yes.
one bug i have noticed is that when you import local file, it doesnt play the sounds
jacob is the best
can you please re edit offline sequencer to have the new guitar?
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