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Full Version: Sans Comes Back - Undertale AU
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-Sans Comes Back-
An Undertale AU
Hello, Online Sequencer!
I am thinking of a new idea for a game called Sans Comes Back. Basically, a game where sans is tired of the multiple genocide runs.
After multiple genocide runs, sans is tired of the killing and blood of his friends. He finally tries to stop all of this.

I need some people to be some characters:

Sans: Lumien
Frisk: Unknown
Chara: alex32124

Hope you join and stay fresh out there!!!!!

P.S. I aslo have a discord!!!!! Join it with this link:
I may be interested. How would I join?
ask who u want to be!!!
ill be chara
(05-12-2018, 05:40 PM)alex32124 Wrote: [ -> ]ill be chara

I'd like to be Sans, if that is okay with you.
ok. you can