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Full Version: Really Good Composers
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I am making a list, constantly being updated, in no particular order, of the Best Composers on Online Sequencer.

1. Jacob - We owe our existence to him.
2. Lucent - He is actually a very different, and extremely thorough composer.
3. Void - Enough Said
4. T.O.P. - T.O.P. O.P. To B. Honest
5. Palpatrump - He is really good with coming up with melodies, not so much implementing them. Most likely has the best melodies.
6. SyntaxError - His Memes are devine and his songs are divine.
7. UTComposer - Possibly the most dedicated and insane composer on this site. The Best.
8. Kirbyderp - His songs are awe inspiring.
9. Mysticswe - I am not a massive fan on his songs, no offence. But when he has an amazing post. He has an amazing post.
Man, I wish I had your ego.
(05-24-2018, 05:22 PM)Frank Wrote: [ -> ]Man, I wish I had your ego.

My ego is so large, you could build a southern wall with it!

In fact...