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Full Version: Syntax's Best 1st Sequence Game!
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     This is a competition where you will post your 1st sequence you've made on this site, on this thread, and I will judge it.

     For example, here is my first sequence.      Pretty bad, eh?

     The rules are simple:

1: Post your FIRST sequence, not your second, third, etc.

2: You may not edit your sequence in any way. Keep it how it was originally.

3: I will choose the winners on June 7, 2018.

4: The prize is SATISFACTION :D (And a buddy request. xD)

Peace out, nerds. :p

                                                                                               *June 7th*

Ah yes. Here we are. The winner announcements.

You all did amazing, except me, but i'm afraid I can only choose one winner.

3rd Place goes to - Tests
This is a very nice song, even for a first sequence. It is chill, and 8 bit. I love it.

2nd Place goes to - Palpatrump
oH tHe mEmEs.

And finally, 1st place goes to - itsamee
Ah, ocean man. I have great memories of this song... This is a very well put together song for a first sequence. You have percussion, bass, melody, and even harmony. Well done, and hats off to you, good sir!
Does this mean original, or cover


My first original
(05-30-2018, 11:50 AM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]Does this mean original, or cover


My first original

This will not be accepted. The rules are first SEQUENCE.
This could mean one of two things.
This is my first sequence I ever did on the site (but it was before my account).

However, this is the first sequence my account ever made.

Pick whichever one you think best fits what you want.

Unfair, the newer members get an instrument advantage.

Im so ashamed ;-;
wow, but the improvement
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