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Full Version: World Update Contest Voting: B-CLASS
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Now that the submission period is over for the contest, it's time for voting! These are the B-Class songs. I separated a bunch of the songs into different classes so that they can be evenly matched and have an equal chance of winning the prize in its respective class. There are some very talented composers on this site who have a lot of experience, and I don't want beginning or amateur composers to feel as if they have zero chance of winning whenever one of the superstars enters a contest.

There are four total classes: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class, and ☆(S)-Class.
The B-Class songs are mostly amateur and somewhat experienced composers. If you're in this voting forum, don't be mad about yourself! This gives you a better chance of winning than if all of the entries were judged in one group. If you end up placing well, that's great! You have great potential to improve and work your way up the ranks.

Go to this form: (click here to vote) and provide your username, and select your favorite three songs out of the songs listed below:

A Day in the Rain by Syx_Fire
Becoming a Warrior by Oh_hi_Mark
Cool Stuff with Unimplemented Instruments by Kirbyderp
Fury by Jay2k
In a Cave by Kirbyderp
Intense Inclination by Tibbinator
Knight Mice by ParaSpider
Malice Rising by theking
Music Box by cm600286
Neighborhood Watch Corporate Authority by Palpatrump
Realm of the Unknown by fox
Rend by Benjobanjo7
Rondo Vibraphondo by Firebolt391d
The Shrouded Secrets by RunnyCylinder59
Track 7 by Syx_Fire
Untitled by UTComposer
World Contest Fast Swing by Kirbyderp

First Place Prize: Two (2) personalized sequence IDs up to 1,000,000
Second Place Prize: One (1) personalized sequence IDs up to 1,000,000
Want to commemorate a certain date or be the holder of the MILLIONTH sequence? If the sequence ID is available--it's yours!

Results will be hosted on a livestream on July 1st or otherwise later ASAP.
vote 4 paraspider.
Syx_Fire - A Day in the Rain 7/10
Kirbyderp - World Contest Fast Swing 7/10
Haha, UT's "composition" is a song from Wario Ware called "Mona Piazza." He arranged it very well though!
2 much ppl overload