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Full Version: World Update Contest Voting: ☆-CLASS
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Now that the submission period is over for the contest, it's time for voting! These are the A-Class songs. I separated a bunch of the songs into different classes so that they can be evenly matched and have an equal chance of winning the prize in its respective class. There are some very talented composers on this site who have a lot of experience, and I don't want beginning or amateur composers to feel as if they have zero chance of winning whenever one of the superstars enters a contest.

There are four total classes: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class, and ☆(S)-Class.
The S-Class songs are mostly made by veterans and current phenoms on the site. If you're in this voting forum, thanks for sticking with us instead of making a million bucks as a producer Cheese .

Go to this form: and provide your username, and select your favorite two songs out of the songs listed below:

Affogato by Wafels
Crying over Spilled Coffee by Jonah
Evergreen, Pt. 1 by Jonah
Koto is God by XStep
Seraph by LucentTear
Sunrise by XStep
Test 101 by mysticswe
Test 146 by mysticswe
There May be Sharks by JHXC
You Didn't Pay For the Damn Bill by Wafels

First Place Prize: Three (3) personalized sequence IDs up to 1,000,000 AND the ability to choose to enable one of the currently locked instruments OR the ability to have a NEW instrument added to the site!
Do you want to use the flute NOW and not have to use the console each time? Or do you want to kick off a hip-hop career with the 808 drums? You can enable one of the instruments that are not currently enabled if you win. Or if you don't like any of the hidden instruments, just add your own. But please don't make a screaming instrument.
Second Place Prize: Two (2) personalized sequence IDs up to 1,000,000 OR the ability to enable one of the locked instruments
Third Place Prize: One (1) personalized sequence ID up to 1,000,000

Want to commemorate a certain date or be the holder of the MILLIONTH sequence? If the sequence ID is available--it's yours!

Results will be hosted on a livestream on July 1st or otherwise later ASAP.
I think seraph is wafels and lucent. Am I wrong?
(06-01-2018, 06:25 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]I think seraph is wafels and lucent. Am I wrong?

I've sent Seraph a several times to Wafels just to get his opinion on the song throughout the process of making it. Rest assured, he didn't lay a hand on the sequence, otherwise the drums would have been at least 97% better.
dscm will totally see this, ri?
Koto is God is one of the best sequences I've seen on this site, hope it gets the recognition it deserves Smile
This class had by far the hardest decision. And that's saying something, considering I came in here with a top 3 already in mind.

Wafels - Affogato 10/10
LucentTear - Seraph 10/10

These aren't the only 10/10's in this class *looks at JHXC sharks song*

Anyway, I think everything here is at least 9 (except evergreen), was really hard to decide.
yoooooo. i didn't listen to seraph completely. yooo dis ***** needs to get like an auto 1st. like cmon'
(06-04-2018, 12:00 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]yoooooo. i didn't listen to seraph completely. yooo dis ***** needs to get like an auto 1st. like cmon'


Add BilboCosby's entry please lol.