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Hey Everybody! I would like to introduce myself.
My name is chihiroV3, and i would like to make some sweet ass tunes.

but i'm new here and i dont know what the ***** to do. so if you guys can help, that would be nice. Smile
just do stuff
Hello Chihiro, and welcome to OnlineSequencer!
This site is a place for making music and chatting with other musicians.
I hope you are able to learn how to use the site and that you like the site and what it has to offer. It may be a small site, and it may not be the best online music composer, but it is definitely one of the better free-to-use midi creators, and I hope that you are able to benefit from it!

This site is used by many, for many reasons.
Most people seem to like to make their own compositions, while others make arrangements or covers of other songs.
Some others even play around with "musical games" of various types, and others even make midi art, if you're into that.

Some Familiar Faces:
A few of the better composers here are users such as

and many others.

Songs you might find:
There are many covers and remixes made on this site, of many different themes. A common one that I seem to find a lot around here are covers of Mario songs, whether they be from older consoles like the NES, or brand new ones like the Nintendo Switch. UTComposer is one of the really good composers who makes many Mario covers, such as his sequence at this link:
Original Compositions:
This site seems to be best for young music lovers and composers who are trying to make their own music. You will find many original compositions here. Sometimes you might even find other users posting contests that will allow you to show off your musical talent. LucentTear does many original compositions, and her songs are generally very long and complex, such as her infamous "Ambition," at the link
Other Compositions:
You will also find compositions such as classical pieces, pop music songs, jazz, new age, and other things, like midi art, "deaf" compositions, drums testing, and the so-called "black midis."

The Community:
The community here is a bit smaller than many other sites, but it seems that there will almost always be at least one other person here willing to chat with you about whatever topic you might have in mind, whether it be about the site itself, about music or composition, or if it is simply to chat about life. People here are generally nice and willing to talk about whatever, or help you if you need help.

The Site's Utilities:
The site allows you to make your own music in the music editor. You can choose your own voices to use, to apply effects and change the volume of each voice, enter in your own tempo, change the length of each note, copy, cut, and paste notes, as well as many other things.
The site lets you upload a midi file and save it as a sequence, and it also lets you drag audio files into the editor so that you can compose or place notes based on the position of audio in an audio file.

Like I said before, the site may not be the best site for composing, and definitely is not recommended for professional music production or composition. However, OnlineSequencer is great for learning and messing around with music and with midi sequences. Because it is free-to-use, it can be a wonderful tool for learning and making simple or rough-draft songs or ideas for songs. Since the site allows you to download each sequence as a midi file, this site can also be used as the first step in composing (and other midi editors can be used to recreate or clean up midis that have been made on this site, if that's something you ever would want to do).

So be sure to give it a try, talk to some of the users here, and see what you think of it!

Thank you for visiting OnlineSequencer!
I hope you are able to get the most out of this site, and that it helps you in some way.
If you are ever on the chat, be sure to thank the developer Jacob_ for making the site, if you ever see him online!

Thank you for reading this,
and have a great day!

-Just another friendly user,