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Full Version: Octave Challenge! (But no two notes are the same)
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The game is simple. Make a song. Any kind of song. Any kind of instrument. The only rule is, You must keep it within one octave (Including Drums!!). So you can pick any range of notes to use, for example: A3 to G#4 or C#5 to C6. But you can't have a range of notes that contains, for example D4 and D5, or E2 and E3. (So your range must be 12 notes including sharps!) Give it your best shot!


Example of the range:

I'll pick my top faves, and the winner(s) get bragging rights and happiness. I'll probs choose the winner(s) before the end of the month.
What about other instruments?
Does this include drums?
(06-14-2018, 11:10 AM)Vulminous_music Wrote: [ -> ]What about other instruments?

The entire song, with all of its instruments, must be within one octave.
(06-14-2018, 11:11 AM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]Does this include drums?

Yes >: )
Well then I'll give it a go but will probably be a bit laggy xD
The things you can do with such limited space.
I originally thought this challenge was about only using octaves, i.e. all notes are C, and I thus I was disappointed. Can someone appoint me and make a song where all intervals are an octave?

I hate these.. 
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