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Full Version: Embryo - The Cycle of Life, Death and Everything In Between
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[Image: embryo.png]

Embryo is a story of the cycle of life, death and everything in between, in production by Lumien and Moopler Surprise.
Below you may find the full list of tracks. Enjoy.

#1: Overture
Coming soon to an egg near you.

#2: Eggs o' Plenty

The one is many. The many are one.

#3: Syngamy

A visitor. A new beginning.

#4: Oscillations


#5: Morula

Potential for greatness.

#6: Blastula

Nutritious and delicious.

#7: Gastrula

Layers, upon layers.

#8: Neurula

What have I become?

#9: Blood

Primal instincts.

#10: The Cycle
It continues.

#11: Dinner Worms (Extra)

Something lurks in the meal.

#12: Le Carnaval de Oeuf (Extra)

Citrus, embryo, mollusk, fungus, vulpus.
Eggs to legs, even eggs with legs.
Added Neurula

Your album looks really cool. You guys can go far in the future if you can keep it up 👍