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Full Version: Random Peanuts Comic Strip Includes a Masterpiece of Music
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Finding the Music
So, the other day, I came across a random Snoopy/Peanuts comic strip. And I couldn't help but notice that it had sheet music inside of it. So then I decided to re-create the music to see if there was a joke in the music. First I wondered if maybe the music was the Peanuts theme song. (But by looking at the note placements I realized that that was not the case.)

The Music Itself
I will give you links to the music.
First, here is an image link to the comic strip:
And here is an image link to my re-created music:
And here is an OS link to my midi-import sequence of the music:

My Process of Re-Creating
So I went into Musescore and I placed the notes in an empty canvas...
Key Signature
I used C major/A Minor (no sharps or flats) as the key signature.
The comic strip does not note any clefs at the beginning, but I used treble on the top and bass on the bottom all the way through the song. (At first, I tried using treble on the bottom because later on you can see a clef indicator changing the bottom to the bass clef. The result sounded bad, so I left the bottom part in the bass clef for the entire song.)
Time Signature
I also used 2/4 time, as you can see in the comic strip that there are only 2 quarter notes in each measure.
Extra Stuff
I improvised a little bit in certain instances where Snoopy's head was in the way of the music. I also added an extra chord at the very end that is not in the comic strip.

I thought this was really cool.
The music sounds really good, and yet I do not recognize the piece.
Does anyone recognize this at all? (I do not ;-;)
If not, I am slightly impressed by the editors of the comic strip.

So yeah, that's about it.
I thought I'd share this with you all, just for fun.
Try doing Tools > Major ⇄ Minor. Sounds much better.
what the hekk
I think I have heard that somewhere before. not sure where though...