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Full Version: my life story i guess
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hey everyone, titles says it all, gonna be a tl;dr for most people.

Anyway, a while ago i saw Lunchcent's thread "The Eventful Journey of Making Music Online."  and was inspired to make a similar life story kinda thread.

It all started on February 8th 2002...

no, but im actually gonna start off pretty early, to get the full picture.
I'd say it mostly starts around 2nd/3rd grade, don't remember when. My brother's were constantly watching this show called Glee, it was pretty new then. If you're not familiar, it's about a choir club of highschool misfits that like to sing and are, for the most part, pretty good at it. Relevance being that it got me wanting to practice singing, and I got the childhood dream of wanting to be a pop singer/songwriter, so I started trying to write music.

This was LONG before I found Online Sequencer, I think before it was even made. So my main method of writing music was simply writing lyrics down and, not knowing music theory, just writing up or down arrows depending on whether it got higher or lower. I wrote my first song, and somehow mustered up the confidence to attempt to sing it to my third grade music class, but when the time came, I blanked on the actual melody. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't actually a good singer at this point either lol.

Everyone laughed, of course. I started crying, so they tried to cheer me up by saying something probably along the lines of "We didn't laugh because we thought you would cry, we laughed because you were so bad Wink ." Don't remember much after that, probably because it was almost a decade ago. But I kept practicing. Eventually I became confident in my singing, and thought I was better than my older brothers by the time I was in middle school.

6th grade was rad, breezed through most of my classes, was a dicc Cool  to everybody, had will to live and made it out alive. Changed schools, but I was used to it because I changed schools a lot.

7th grade was bad. I joined choir for obvious reasons. My voice started to change around this time though, which fucked me up. I didn't want to practice during choir, because there was a person whom I Love fancied and I didn't want that person to think I was a bad singer, so I never let myself try. This all caused my singing ability to deteriorate quite a bit, which continued over the next couple years and now you have  Eggplant . I also began playing on my brother's keyboard around this time. Another thing that happened in my life was getting into anime, as apposed to kids shows, and a select few teen shows like teen wolf and glee of course."Animecanbeclassifiedintoseveralcategories.Infact,themostpopularanimearen’twrittenforkidsinmind.“Seinen”animeforinstancearetargetedatmalesaged18-40,whilethe“Josei”typearewrittenforfemalesofthatsameage."

8th grade was sad. Basically dropped singing, failed a class for the first time in my life (algebra 2) and slowly ejected myself from every friend group I was a part of. It was so bad that they had me put in an alternative high school for next year, geared toward people with high anx*ety and low attendance. I wanted to start writing because I was interested in stories, and how they worked, but this year was my first real experience with a lifelong bud depression, and I never really put any effort into improving and actually learning how. another important (I guess) thing that happened near the end of 8th grade was discovering Online Sequencer.

Worst thing about Online Sequencer was it's community. Mostly this guy called Jonah. He was a real asshole.  Relief

anyway, now that I've reached the part where online sequencer is a thing, I'll continue in the next post showing my sequences over the years. vvvv
First sequence I made on this site was

title is accurate. i had no concept of rhythm, or really anything. I had already played piano for awhile, so you'd expect it to maybe be slightly better, but no.
heres a thread containing all my original garbage i made mostly on the first day here.

This was the first song I was actually proud of, made on my 2nd day here. still before I understood what bars were and what they were used for.

Here's another song I made on my second day, a few sequences after the last one though, I was also really proud of this one for a while. You can follow the inspired links to find the most recent version I made two months after the original was made.

This was made about a week or two later. I don't consider this very important to my growth, but somehow it has remained one of my most popular sequences Disappointed .

this appeared almost a month after finding this site. It has had one of the biggest influences on me, music-wise. Mainly, the bar was set higher. After this I started making sequences a lot slower, because it was more of a quality over quantity thing happening in my mind. Another important thing about this is that fast forward about a year and this is remade in FL studio and released as the first song on my soundcloud, Hiroshima

this was exactly 1 month after i found the site, and it somehow became my most popular sequence. i dont like this sequence, or consider it really important aside from that.

this is the next important song, another bar raiser. at least at the time. now, i consider year cascade as higher quality, although much more time and effort went into devils stare

here's another big one. this was one of the first, if not the first, song i wrote after the death of my brother. it was later renamed to Frost, idk, probably abandonded by now. this was around the start of my downward spiral into inactivity/writersblocFire also this + Tensei - Heir of greif are what got me into making greif-ish music

this song came into existence about 4 months later and was written late christmas night 2016, because I got FL studio as my present and thought I would leave OS. (Spoiler alert, never left)
soon after this song was when the chat became active, and was really pleasant. before that, it wouldnt really be surprising if you just post once and it stayed there for a day.

Here's a midi import of my first real FL studio song, as you can see it's really bad. became even worse on soundcloud as Doomsday Counter

midi import of a slightly earlier version of my song Seattle
Wasn't very important OS-wise but has actually had a big influence on my FL studio stuff. It has also remained one of the most endearing songs to me on my soundcloud, despite most people saying that some of my other songs are better, or outright upgrades of this songs.

Don't want to post any more midi imports because they're boring, and we're here for OS. Anyway, the stuff you'll miss by doing that is my transition from "all over the place music" to "mostly EDM-ish stuff"

Quite a while later (as evidenced by the IDs) is when I started to make my great return to OS. this wasnt the first, but one of them. It's been almost a year since my last real sequence on OS. I've been on a long journey. I've gone through Fl song exchange forums, forged great diccsords, entered contests against people who, contrary to me, actually knew what fucc they were doing and finally achieved just shy of a thousand plays on soundcloud. I've gained minimal great wisdom, and more importantly, I've seen some sht. It's time to visit home.

so yeah, i made my return, maybe someone noticed i was gone, idrk.

here's another song I made soon after my return. about the nostalgia of being back on OS. (sidenote, dont be surprised if i get into more detail around here, after all this is where stuff gets recent.)

like 2 monthsish ago I started to get into an artist called snail's house. this is the first song I think I really express that.

a while after that I made my first real post world update song, Evergreen. made S-class, but didn't deserve it imho.

Next is another world update S-tier, crying over spilled coffee. I feel like this song does deserve S-tier, but doesn't really deserve votes, compared to the other sequences. This is where my inner future bass starts to show.

This is where I first started to get into that ambient thing Wafels started. This isnt really a good song imo, but I've reused the ambients a lot Upside_down

Currently I consider this as my #1 sequence. Just has less flaws than my other sequences.

And now I leave you off with a depr*ssing note. I wrote this a couple days ago when I was actually considering ending my life. Relax, I'm fine now.

anyway, thats it.
In February 2002, before a lot of the people here were alive, I was in Ms. Carolyn Teig's 3rd grade class in Bellingham, Washington. Later that year my mom bought me a program off the Scholastic Book Order that let you make games. In 2006 I joined a forum that was about making computer games. From there I learned about programming. Eventually in 2013 I made this website and in 2015 I got a job which allowed me to make money to keep it running.