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Full Version: Invisible Notes?
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I don't know if I am posting this in the correct place, I am a new user. I registered so that I could put up one of these. I am trying to remix a song, for a friend who asked me to, but there are two problems going on with the sequencer.
1. On the specific MIDI file I'm using, it seems to be playing invisible notes. When I play it using the play button, it sounds like a full song. But when I enter in the notes I can see into another sequencer, there is no song, just some notes that play ever two seconds. I don't think that the notes are tiny, because the file provider had a video of the file being played using a different program.
2. When I use the 8-bit sounds (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle), the audio is 98% static, and 2% music. It only happens when I'm using the 8-bit sounds.

The second one is just an average annoyance, but I seriously need to figure out the first one.  Disappointed
As usual, I solved my problem seconds after uploading this. In case anyone else is suffering from this problem, its because the notes being played are so tiny, you can't see them. There is a way to see them for as long as you would like, but it is annoying.
1. Select 'Edit' from the toolbar (located near the top of screen)
2. Click on 'Select All'
Once that is done, just scroll around until you get to the place the "invisible" notes are located. They will be displayed as tiny little lines.
Hope this helped anybody.

I purposely made notes in this song invisible for effect.