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Full Version: Albert Einstein's Riddle
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Are you in the top 2% of intelligent people in the world? Solve the riddle and find out. There are no tricks, just pure logic, so good luck and don't give up.

1. In a street are five houses, painted five different colours.
2. In each house lives a person of different nationality.
3. These five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, drive a different car and keep a different pet.


1. The Brit lives in the Red house.
2. The Swede keeps Dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks Tea.
4. The Green house is on the left of the White house.
5. The owner of the Green house drinks Coffee.
6. The person who drives a Holden rears Birds.
7. The owner of the Yellow house drives a Toyota.
8. The man living in the center house drinks Milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The man who drives a Ford lives next to the one who keeps Cats.
11. The man who keeps Horses lives next to the man who drives a Toyota.
12. The man who drives a Mitsubishi drinks Beer.
13. The German drives a Volkswagen.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the Blue house.
15. The man who drives a Ford has a neighbour who drinks Water.

Albert Einstein wrote this riddle early during the 19th century. He said that 98% of the world population would not be able to solve it. See how you go!

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