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Full Version: A Few Glitches
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Hello everyone.
There are two glitches I have found that I would like to discuss.

Glitch Number 1
The 'Stranger' Sequence

- I was just looking through some of my old sequences when I found a glitch: I found a "haunted" sequence!
- I made [url=]this sequence[/url] not too long ago, maybe about a year ago.
- It says that it has 900-or-so notes in it, but many of them are invisible (at least in my browser).

- If you look through the sequence, eventually when you scroll over to about measure 7, you will see the original notes appear, but if you scroll back again, they will disappear again.

- If you save the sequence as a local text file or midi, all of the notes are still there.
- The problem seems to have something to do with either a.) my browser or b.) the html on the page(?)

- Another interesting thing about this is that if you look at some of the sequences inspired by that sequence, many of them also are experiencing the same glitch, as if it's some kind of bug in the original sequence. But these sequences are the only sequences I have ever seen or found that are experiencing this problem. I have yet to find any other sequences like this, except for the one I mentioned and the ones inspired by it.
I wonder what is going on here.

Glitch Number 2
Deleting Layered Notes

- I started noticing this glitch more recently, just after recent updates (maybe after the new 'World Update?')
- The glitch is just that if there are two notes on top of each other, and I try to delete the first note, the eraser tool will also delete the note on the bottom -

- Basically, when I go to erase one note, the eraser will erase two notes. This glitch has been a little bit aggravating and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Thank You!
oH wOW!
The erase bug is fixed. That sequence had invalid data in it which I deleted, have you ever messed around with the developer tools there by any chance?