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Full Version: Fun Fact of the Day Thread!
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This is a thread where I will post 'fun' random facts every day. 
You may participate.
Some of these will be common sense.

Fun fact: We're all gonna d*e sooner or later.
Fun Fact: Only female mosquitoes bite. The male mosquitoes only feed on flower nectar.
Fun Fact: S​VEN IS GOD
Fun Fact: All Hornets are technically wasps but not all wasps are hornets.
Fun Fact:
fun fact: I'm never gonna give you up, I'm never gonna let you down, I'm never gonna run around or desert you.
Fun fact: Laugh and you’ll burn up three and a half calories (no joke!)
Fun fact: It's always= Normal, Fast and Slow
Fun Fact: Physical touching is generally not possible as the outer atom shell electrons repel each other. Therefore we're all technically floating and can't 'really' touch anything.
Fun Fact: Trap and Cumbia (villera) are, were and will be the same c*ncer.

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