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Full Version: Recommend a member
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Hi there, this is Bormaschwartz.

Have you been keeping up with other people's songs and decided they deserve a little more attention?

If so, feel free to publicly recommend a member here! You can choose anyone for any reason, even over personal bias.

Explain why you decided to talk about this person, and include one of your favorite songs written by him or her.

What kind of music does (name) make? Why do you enjoy (name)'s music? Feel free to write anything about them (but not too much info, as this is the public internet).

Here is my recommendation: Tibbinator
Tibbinator has been writing music with so much variety, it's hard to name his style. I would check out his songs if you love strong bass, swing, or even hype piano pieces, which are styles I love a lot. Tibinator is also an incredibly fun and friendly person on os, and he gives some superb advice and comments to others' sequences. Here is one of my many favorites he wrote! Smile

I love the idea of this thread.

I recommend you listen to korwynkim's sequence right here

I love how malleable it is and how easy it is to make a beat off it. It means that the song itself has a natural rhythm without the percussion, which is something I admire.
This needs to be heard
Update: more than one recommendation is totally okay. Thanks for responding to this thread!
For all you Pokemon lovers, here is someone you will enjoy listening to -
Fireglow makes some incredible theme remixes, so you should definitely check them out!