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Full Version: Guest's Trap House
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Over the course of my time on OS (Online Sequencer) I've started out seeing 2 things, people's music in threads, and recently, a rise in the trap genre on OS. 

Not to be egotistical but, because I'm pretty good at the genre, and I haven't mad a thread devoted to me and posting my music, I'll make a thread devoted to the trap songs I do. 
(I have others, but these are the one's I think are good enough to be shared.)

I'll also post my better content here. 
(This is stuff I make with better software)

Here's my media:
Rockstar - Post Malone (ft. 21 Savage) 

Rockstar - Post Malone (ft. 21 Savage)
Coarse Sands - GuestOS

Coarse Sands - GuestOS (Instrumentals Revamp)
Idea 9 - Guest Idea
Tiptoe - Eandrew

Tiptoe - Eandrew