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Full Version: Event Launch: Battle of the Bands
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[Image: avatar_12278.gif?dateline=1534102298] Hey, it’s Alex. The OS Event Committee will revive Battle of the Bands as another recurring event next to Monthly Contests.

This will be a collaborative competition that will commence every 3 months. For those of you unfamiliar with BotB, the original post can be found here.

General Information

Battle of the Bands is a collaborative contest across the site. You will form a band of at least two members and work on sequences together to compete with other bands.

When your team is satisfied with their sequences, post them under the respective Battle of the Bands thread. Make sure to list all your team members and give yourself a band name to identify by!

Each battle is labeled from Q1 - Q4 and represents which quarter of the year it takes place. We will announce the next battle every 3 months, totalling in 4 battles for the year.

The scheduling for Battle of the Bands is as shown below.

[Image: unknown.png]

General Notes For Battle of The Bands:

  • Bands must consist of at least two members to participate.
  • Requires at least 2 sequences per band.

  • Bands must have a Band Name and a list of members in their post. One post per band.
  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, as they are not judging the contestants.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Battle of the Bands are not allowed.
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.

Winning Information

Rankings on Battle of the Bands will be based on member vote. For voting, posts will be rated with a check mark ([Image: agree.png]) by other members. Bands win if they receive the highest tally of check marks.

Members can vote for a band at anytime, for as long it is within the event’s duration.

(Note: In the case that not enough votes are given, committee members will personally judge.)

Depending on placement, winners will receive leaderboard points that will calculate towards a grand total at the end of the year.

The amount of points earned are as followed:

1st Place Winner - 10 OS Points

2nd Place Winner - 8 OS Points

3rd Place Winner - 6 OS Points

Honorable Mention - 2 OS Points

The winners of the Battle of the Bands will be announced on the 1st of each three-month interval.

How To Vote

[Image: unknown.png]

At the bottom right of a post, locate the rating icons. Click on the check mark ([Image: RtyH4q-8DEo1vfOBLsAVUdVfEeN9m22gneahKi9M...sMeeiKm6pb]) to cast a vote on a band. Only check marks will be counted as a vote-- as there will be no negative votes on a post.

Oh my god. This looks so good.