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Full Version: Oct. 2018 Monthly Contest - Halloween
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Here's my entry (will be continued)

this seems like a good thing too enter
Neither are 100% original.

I've edited this post as i worked on stuff so many times y'all don't even know
One I can think of for now. Will be updated

Finished - Test186_V1_943657_Fin
And the other one, I'm still updating

Finished - Test188_V1_946251_Fin
i really like the spooky vibe F5 C4 G#4 C4 gives. each time i hear that i think of a dark, scary mansion. made this in 1 day, p cool. don't expect to get within 3rd, but participation is good enough. =D

also don't mind the ending
*doots away*

Hello everyone! I'd like to remind you all that there are currently five days left of the contest including today. Please try to finish your entries in time, and participate in the contest if you haven't done so already!

Countdown (11:59 PM EST/3:59 AM UTC)
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