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Full Version: Ongoing Events.
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[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1537691382] Hello everyone! Let's start the year off with a fresh Monthly Contest!

This month's blog notes can be found here, in case you're wondering why things have been... not great!

[Image: jan2019.png]
Happy New Year everyone! Make some fresh music in this month's contest!
Event Period: 1/1 ~ 1/21 (11:59 PM EST)

[Image: 1m.png]
Want to be featured in the millionth sequence? Keep reading on.
Event Period: 10/1 ~ TBA

- Event Archive -

Thank you for participating in OS Events! If you would like to help us make these kinds of things in the future, the recruitment thread is here.
Event System Information

As of the moment, there are two types of events that one can participate in.
  • Contests are recurring events through the year that will award you OS Points.
  • Limited Events are one-time events where people can brag about if they join, but do not award OS Points.

Participating and winning in competitive events (Monthly Contests, Battle of The Bands) will award you OS Points. OS Points are the cumulative score for a user participating in all contests.

A grand leaderboard will keep track of your OS points throughout the entire year. The more contests you enter, the more OS points you will get. First, second, and third place winners at the end of the year will be eligible to earn points for next year and potential real life goodies! (Unconfirmed as of the moment.)

Because there are only three months left in 2018, this season of OS Events will only last three months and winners will be announced at the end of December 2018. We appreciate your participation and feedback for these events and we will hope for more events next year!

End of the Year Placement Prizes, Monthly Contest Participant 2019

Please note that prizes are subject to change depending on what can be offered by staff members.

1st Place:
-Monthly Contest Beta Participant 2018 - Grand Winner profile picture ribbon.
-Ability to decide a contest theme for Monthly Contests 2020!
-An additional 3 OS points added to Monthly Contests 2020 score!
-A special Monthly Contest winner role!

2nd place:
-Monthly Contest Beta Participant 2018 - Silver Runner-up profile picture ribbon.
-An additional 2 OS points added to Monthly Contests 2020 score!
-A special Monthly Contest winner role!

3rd place:
-Monthly Contest Beta Participant 2018 - Bronze Runner-up profile picture ribbon.
-An additional OS point added to Monthly Contests 2020 score!
-A special Monthly Contest winner role!

Participation Reward:
-Kirbyderp's undying gratitude.

If you have any questions, please contact a committee admin and they will get to you as soon as possible.