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Full Version: Battle of The Bands 2018 Q4
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[Image: avatar_12278.gif?dateline=1534102298] It’s Alex again. We will start our first session of Battle of the Bands for the beta round of OS Events.

Form your bands and collaborate with each other to compete against other groups!

General Information

The entry period is from 10/1 ~ 12/21 (11:59 PM EST). Winners will be announced on 1/1.

While we will post general notes on every contest, please refer to the Battle of the Bands announcement thread for more details on the battles themselves.

  • Bands must consist of at least two members to participate.
  • Requires at least 2 sequences per band.
  • Bands must have a Band Name and a list of members in their post. One post per band.
  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, as they are not judging the contestants.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Battle of the Bands are not allowed.
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.

How To Vote

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At the bottom right of a post, locate the rating icons. Click on the check mark ([Image: RtyH4q-8DEo1vfOBLsAVUdVfEeN9m22gneahKi9M...sMeeiKm6pb]) to cast a vote on a band. Only check marks will be counted as a vote-- as there will be no negative votes on a post.

Good luck everyone. Let the battles begin!

Our Previous Songs
Alex and Guest

Wait why is there a link to previous songs if they aren't allowed.
Sorry this never worked, here's a candy for recompense.
i put it there so that if people want to listen to our previous stuff, they can
(10-17-2018, 12:12 PM)Alex! Wrote: [ -> ]It pains me to say but since there are a lack of people in this thread, i will formally close the battle of the bands

how many people do you need?