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Full Version: Just some helpful tips for new composers (or pro).
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This is just a few opinions for newbies and/or pros out there that might need some help.

     1. When making music, I like to have multiple tabs open in separate browsers. Of course this is easy for me having a dual screen setup. I use this to see what version I like better. And don't worry! When you save from one, it doesn't effect the other copy, meaning that you can fiddle around with the other one and still keep the same stuff.
     2. Listen to your favorite music. It helps me get some ideas of what to call my song, and/or what I want it to sound like.
     3. Try not to have anything around that can distract you. It can be very easy to do something else, then when you are done with whatever you were doing, you wont remember what you were doing too your music.

These helped me, and I hope they help you guys too!

Edit: THIS IS FOR THE PROS ONLY (Or those of whom understand code) AND WOULD LIKE MORE INSTRUMENTS: