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Full Version: Musical Riddle Challenge
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Welcome to my game

The way that this game works is that there are 10 riddles. each riddle has a genre, a style or a specific key
The one who can complete the most riddles and the most points win.
I will talk with the Event Committee if the winners can get OS points. 
The composition has to be your own unless the riddle says you can. 
post your song down below once you figured them out and state which riddle you have solved.
once 1 person solves 1 riddle, another person can try to compose something better then the person who originally solved it. if they succeed, they will get 1 point. 

1= Solved the riddle or composed something better then the first person
2= Both

1. Granite, limestone, bedrock (answered by Xstep= Rock)
2. Person that extracts coal from underground (answered by EugeneAirRick= Minor)
3. Beep Boop, WAKAWAKAWAKA, Pew Pew (answered by Xstep= 8-bit)
4. Bahamas, Amazon Rainforest, Hawaii (answered by Xstep=tropical)
5. Boots in Cats, "..." it (answered by Xstep= Beats)
6. ouch I BROKE my foot (answered by Xstep= Baroque)
7. F is for friends who do stuff together (answered by setherdo= Specific key is F)
8. C, E, G, A#. (answered by setherdo= Jazz/Blues)
9. An Alligator Ate An Apple After August (answered by setherdo= Specific key is A)
10. "whats the point in happiness" or the opposite of happiness (answered by sertherdo= sad music)

Good luck to you all

Setherdo= 4
Xstep= 5
EugeneAirRick= 1
claimed 3
claimed 2

oh boy im on a roll.
Now since all of the riddles have been claimed, you will now have to compose in the styles that have been solved.
Tbh next time the riddles will be harder to do