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Full Version: [Discussion] Tell me about your day.
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Good morning, afternoon, evening, unknown hour past midnight, whatever state of time it happens to be where you're at.

I hope you had a good day, and if not, then I'm sorry to hear. This thread just serves as a place to vent, talk about your day, talk about someone else's day, or any sort of constructive discussion about life with the other members here. The chat can be too hectic, and sometimes it's better to get your thoughts down on a long paragraph.

Maybe you want to reflect on your actions today and you're not too sure how to go over them. If this is the case, then add a [?] to the top of your post so other people can incline themselves to ask you questions about it.

I can start off the thread.

I think my day would have stayed decent for the most part, except for the fact that I had to submit an art entry today.

Saturday would have been the day I could have worked on it, but most of my time had been taken up by birthday parties I didn't want to go to and other unprecedented events that took up much longer than they needed to. Thankfully, those are over.

Woke up cold today, 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and probably not in the mood to set foot downstairs. Eventually had to, because I only had so much time to draw over the weekend.

Even then, parents were probably going to nag over the fact that I should have homework every weekend, so I invented my own homework and went to my dad's office earlier today. Most of the time I spent there was just discussing things about the Online Sequencer Events with other members on here but that's pretty much it.

It ended up being an overall good discussion, which also led up to the creation of this thread. Now you know the backstory.

So as soon as I got home, I've always had in mind that the contest had ended on 10/23 instead of 10/21, so I just leisurely colored my drawing without really much thought at all. Ends up that the contest also ended on a UTC deadline, which is 4 hours ahead of EST. I didn't realize this until it was 8:25, which was already 25 minutes past due date.

Kinda had to lie on my Facebook post that my wifi went out when I was going to post my submission. Tough luck if they don't accept my submission, but having a UTC deadline kinda pushes it anyway. Never before did I want to destroy the whole concept of "timezones" so badly, because it's really unfair for the Americas, and that most of the game's community I was submitting for is located in either North or South America.

So until I get feedback on that event, I'm probably going to huddle in my blankets depressed about the thing. For a whole week.
Good luck on your art submission. nice thread idea too