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Full Version: Word Contest (kind of hard)
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so the way this function is very loose. To start out one chooses if the person wants to be in minor or major, then the person chooses the key, and here's where it gets interesting
You pick a word: preferably a even number of letter word, and you type it on your keyboard
the note it plays for each letter is your starting point of your song,

Creative liberty comes in on being allowed to move the notes around to different octaves. as in like C1 D3 G2 F4 -> C3 D3 G2 F2
You are allowed to build upon this foundation, but you shouldn't move the original notes around up and down within the octave like  C3 B2 G2 F2 -> C3 D3 G2 F2
Showing what the notes the word plays is recommended 

This might be a hard idea to understand so I will submit my own as an example:

I did one a while ago for the name Name Contest. It still fits for this one.