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Full Version: Harpsichord causing severe lag
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There seems to have been an issue in some recent update which broke the harpsichord, because it now will lag if you have six notes on a beat, and exponentially more if you have more than six notes. I made a quick sample piece that demonstrates the lag. It won't crash or anything if you listen to a few loops, it's just a proof. Not sure if it matters, but I use the latest version of Firefox.

If you want to see how it affects actual songs (because having 6 harpsichord notes on a beat probably won't happen often), here's two harpsichord pieces that have been utterly broken by this bug.

Lag warning! These songs will almost certainly cause your tab/browser to freeze!

I don't lag.
(10-27-2018, 10:06 PM)Void Wrote: [ -> ]I don't lag.

I think it might be a firefox issue, I just tried it in edge and there's no lag on anything. Weird.