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Full Version: Auditory Illusion
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So yesterday I was working on a little looped sequence, when I noticed something very, very interesting.

I used the SciFi instrument with reverb at about 10% volume and the Jazz Guitar with reverb at about 20% volume. Along with that I used the Sine wave at normal Volume (50%) and reverb.
All at a BPM of 110.

Now, here's the interesting part: I had the SciFi on F#3 and the Jazz Guitar on G3  and a Sine note on C2 all over each other (counting from top), and what that produced was... something that sounded like a C#2 sine note. The C2 sine here is not actually the cause for this illusion, it's the other two. When all three are directly played in a sequence at the same time, it sounds off as if there was a sine note on C#2 somewhere, but - there isn't. Here is a demonstration of that, cropped from my sequence:

I've put together the same sequence twice, where only one has the C2 Sine note and the other one doesn't. You can see that it actually sounds like a C#2 Sine note, but without the C2 Sine the illusion falls a little flat.

And this got me thinking: Are there other such illusions? Or maybe this is already known. Still, quite cool imo.