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Full Version: [10/31] Thanks for the support!
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[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1537691382] Hello everyone, I’ve decided to post a committee blog for when we have comments about the month.

It’s always easier to make a new thread than to clog up the event hub with our nonsensical writing! Bonus points, you guys get to respond to the thread, so in case you have any questions or suggestions, we’ll be happy to respond to them here!

Bug fixes: You can comment on this thread now. I thought I was all cool and professional leaving it unrepliable to, but it’ll cause me OCD if I don’t unlock it.

Without further ado, the good news:

We received generally positive feedback on the OS Events so far, and I’d like to thank everyone for participating last month. It makes us happy and we’re glad to know hidden composers on the site are brought to light.

If you’re wondering why there aren’t a lot of events, I want to slowly build our way up into seeing what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, more events will be added as to what seems necessary. If you have any events you’d like to suggest, please comment below, or apply for the committee here!

At this rate, we plan on keeping Monthly Contests for the events. It’s the recurring contest that will keep our events up on a backbone, and if not anything else, you would see this event guaranteed. It’s easy to do, expect a ton of entries for it, and easy for me to update since I can literally just copy paste from the last contest. Keep up the momentum guys!

A Million Sequences of Making Music Online seems to be a popular event from what I can see. It’s good to see people updating it now and then, but there appears to be a larger shift towards later sequences (900k).

While I appreciate the new people wanting to participate in this, this event is heavily geared towards the older user base. Please make something you guys! It’s hard to transition my test sequence because I don’t have enough sequences of Ye Old Sequencer™.

Now onto the bad news:

Unfortunately, Battle of The Bands is not getting as much attention as it should have been. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s difficult to form bands on the site, or if it’s something else. Maybe the instruction manual was too messy. For all I care, you guys could be extremely antisocial and just prefer to make your own thing, and I understand how that goes.

If no bands are made this month, I have to close down the event in December and come up with something else. This leaves with Monthly Contests being the only recurring competitive event, and competition is what drives the Event Point System.

Originally, I thought Monthly Contests were the only thing that made the Event Point System, until Alex suggested to reward OS points in Battle of The Bands. I liked that idea more, which is why I had to do a bunch of editing to make it an overall thing across events. I might have to go back to the original system I had in mind, if we do happen to close the Battle of The Bands.

I really like the idea of team competition on OS, so if you have the heart to, please save Battle of the Bands! If this doesn’t happen, well, back to the drawing board for us.

The Candy Scavenger hunt was a last minute event that Kirby suggested we should do. As I am writing this, it is being proofread and will head out by 5 PM EST. As some of you have seen yesterday, I created a pretty MIDI art sequence for the event. In real life, I can't eat as much candy anymore... but I'd ship it out to you guys if I could! This sequence was the least I could treat you guys with. :D

In the meanwhile, we have been considering some more community events that I can’t spoil just yet. I don’t think I’ll have the time to write these down for November, but I might provide an update in the middle of the month for you guys to check out. By then, these events might be more thought out than they are at this moment.

Please await for further updates! Once again, thanks for all your support!

Hey everyone! I’m so stoked at how successful the monthly contests have been! When we first put this out, we would’ve thought of it as lucky if we even got a third of the entries that the world contest got, so getting 35 entries was super exciting! Hope there’ll be just as much participation (if not more!) this month!

Also; wow there’s been a sudden spike to the amount of entries in the 1M Sequence collab. We’ll eventually get all the sequences in there, but it might take a while…..

I think the scavenger hunt went pretty well. I certainly didn’t expect korwynkim to come in there at quarter past 10 and swoop into first place. All but 2 of the candies with clues were found, which I think was great! Although I’m slightly disappointed that no one found any of the secret candies.

Either way, looking forward to future event participation guys! Hope you're having as much fun as I am!