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Full Version: V's twisted dreams and boring thoughts
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Why do i feel like someone's been watching me since yesterday night..?

  I thought for a while that when my mom used to tell me, "Even if you don't see them all the time, someones always watching you" now of course i didn't take that literal, i mean who would? Right?... I should've noticed it more but I've been in a lot of odd situations lately, from having deja vu almost every day, to actually seeing people watch me.. Last week i was walking with my brother from the park, as i was on my way home we were joking like normal.. but i got chills halfway there and i looked around to see where the feeling of eyes was coming from.. Then i saw it, watching me from a window a few houses from where we stood i saw someone watching me intensely, i didn't tell my brother, and didn't even bother trying to tell my mom, as she'd just scold me or say i was making it up. But since then i had this feeling, but it went away until last night. I saw someone in the distance from my window staring at me.. i was sitting on my bed studying by the window for air but i quickly moved turned off the light and forced myself to sleep. Heh, i feel so stupid worrying like that over ths, i may be paranoid.. it's just that the feeling won't go away.