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Full Version: My notes aren't playing
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I'm use to making music on my piano instead of writing sheet music, and I don't know how else to make music files for a game I'm working on. So when I found Online Sequencer, it encouraged me to work on that part of the project. I made a loopable boss theme but when I went to listen to it in midi format, it sounded as if some of the notes weren't playing. To double check, I imported the file back into the site and sure enough, several notes were missing. I tried to fiddle with it by adding notes and removing unneeded added notes but it never gave me the correct midi file. So after emptying my recycling bin with 820 midi files in it, I came here.

Here is the music it was suppose to make and the music it did make.
I want to make sure you can find the problem.

Intended Music:
Created Music:

I hope this can be fixed. Best regards,
CEO/founder of FSM Productions and creator/owner of the FiredSpaceMice YouTube channel: William T. Curry