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Full Version: Weird.
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It's really weird. I go listening to things people made with thousands of notes and it works just fine. I go listening to my music with more than a thousand notes and it works just fine. And then I go and make another music and I listen to it when it's just a few measures long and it goes laggy when it's not even done playing yet. I try to continue after refreshing the page but then when it plays the note when I put it in, it lags out again. It's like I have to refresh the page every 2 minutes or else it just stays laggy and it's really annoying. I made another silly test music that I wouldn't use at all and it worked just fine. It seems to only happen with 8-bit sounds and I am making music for a game franchise. The game is pixelated, so 8-bit sounds seem to get more of the right feel I want the game to have.
8-bit in general is just a cruddy instrument on your CPU. You really gotta have a strong one if you plan on having them all at once or something. Reverb and Delay with other instruments also kinda stresses it out.
Thank you!