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Full Version: Sounds like a mega mash up
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HEY!!! glad i got your attention. I am going to make a mash up of sequences I made so far and want to hear what the community thinks should be in it and what parts as well. All songs are candidates. i will add more songs to qualify later so come see my page select your 3 favorites and the stanzas of your favorite part. Thanks for the help. This mash up is gonna be great!!  

Oh and keep the replies ABOUT THE TOPIC



Sounds like a boss theme- 1
sounds like 17th century- 1
Super Mario World Theme but its actually a remix- 1
Sounds original because it is- 1
Sounds like a boss theme,Sounds kinda like 17th century and Super Mario World theme but its actually a remix ( nice work with the drums too)
bar 24 to end for Super Mario World theme but its actually a remix
bar 11 to 15 for Sounds like a boss theme
bar 3 to end for Sounds kinda like 17th century
Poop has a good taste!