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Full Version: Actual Instrument for Playing Scores (are these the right words)
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Hi,  I think it would be cool to have a list of what users play what instruments and are willing to record parts of other people's scores.  
So if you do, and are willing, just comment what you play and at what level.

Also, say if you are willing to look over parts to see if certain parts seem difficult or impossible.

I'll start

Alto Sax: about Intermediate
F Horn: very Beginner (I'm okay in the lowish register {sitting near the bottom of the staff})
Recorder: I can't play super quickly or much of the high range.  Also, I'm not familiar with every accidental.
Clarinet: Pretty much just the low range.  I'm not familiar with every accidental.
Guitar: I don't know any chords and I'm pretty slow at it.
Recorder: Advanced
Guitar: Acoustic Intermediate
Electric Intemediate
Bass: Intermediate. I can also play slap bass
Ocarina: Intermediate
Piano:Intermediate to advanced
Drums: Intermediate
Flute: Intermediate
Harmonica: Beginner
Cajon box drum: Intermediate
Banjo: Intermediate
Ukulele: Advanced