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Full Version: Monthly Contest Rules Revision
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[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1534443788] Hello Online Sequencer! We’ve observed how the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests went and, as we’re about to launch the 2019 Monthly Contests, it’s time to add in some extra clarifications on the rules.
  • Anyone with prior knowledge of the contest themes are not allowed to create and sequences that they plan to enter before the contest is announced. Sharing of any themes is not allowed either.
  • While past sequences that have been made before (that still follow the previous rule) are allowed, sequences that have been entered into previous Monthly Contests aren’t.
  • When you enter a sequence into the monthly contests and it is not completed, make sure that the sequence ID of that entry is the same as the sequence ID of the final. Otherwise (due to how the voting is set up) the voting will be performed on the incomplete piece.
  • Do not delete a sequence after you have entered it. If this happens, let one of us know and (if you have the completed version of the entry) give us the sequence ID of that entry. Any entry that got deleted without the user notifying us before the entry period is over will be automatically disqualified.
  • Once it is past the entry period for a monthly contest, do not edit any of your entries. This is blatant cheating and will result in immediate disqualification from that monthly contest.
Thanks for reading and I hope that you’re prepared for the 2019 Monthly Contests!