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Full Version: One year-iversary
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as I am very close to have been registered on this site for a year now, I will be doing a small contest. I do not expect many people to partake in this contest, but you never know. What is the contest? Good question! Since I am celebrating my first full year of Online Sequencer, I thought, 'what if I remake one of my first songs'. Then that slowly turned into, 'what if I did a contest where other people remix my song?'. I don't know about you, but to me that sounded kind of vane, and like I'm full of myself, like I deserve to have my sequence remixed, plus, that would also mean I wouldn't be able to remix one of my old songs. It felt like a lose-win-lose. SO, here's what I came up with.


1. The song that I chose to be remixed/remade/re-done, is "Hope for the hopeless". ( )

2. The song must have the some basic tune/feel to it. Which is more of a heroic, brave, open feel. It's a feeling that would be used to emphasize something like a final battle, or a last stand between a hero and a villain, I think you get the idea. I will accept remixes where it has a different feel, but it has to still work with the main tune of the song, I say this because I know some people have a hard time keeping things in a certain stile, so I'm trying to make this remix thing as open as possible.

3. The song's style must be really anything, honestly, remix it.

4. Submissions. Please no spam songs or original pieces. Please only submit one remix per person, I don't want someone spamming me with thousands of the same song with one or two notes changed. How it should differ leads us into the next rule which is:

5. What qualifies it as a remix? Changing a note or two, or just making the song a different instrument does not count as a remix. And for what qualifies it as "different enough" is: Can I tell the difference between the original and the remix fairly easily, or is it hard to tell the difference? If it's fairly easy to tell the difference, then it's o.k., but if it's the latter, then no, it needs to be changed more.

6. Must be submitted by 12:00 pm (cst) on january 3rd, 2019 (HAAAPPY NEW YEAAAAAARRRSSS!!) I will pick my favorite three and post a reply on this post on which three they are, and what order they are (!st, 2nd, & 3rd)

I think that just about does it!
I will also be remixing the song, but I will not be submitting it as an entry, as my entry will most likely be effected by personal bias. Thank you so much for reading this if you did, and thank you even more for participating if you do!!!!
Here is my remix: