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Full Version: Convert Any Sequence to .ogg!
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var chunks = [];
var ac = window.audioSystem.audioContext;
var dest = ac.createMediaStreamDestination();
var mediaRecorder = new MediaRecorder(;

//connect all the nodes
for (var i in window.audioSystem.gainNodes) {
   var gn = window.audioSystem.gainNodes[i];

//start at song start

//stop at song end
function stop() {;
setTimeout(stop, * 15000 / bpm);

mediaRecorder.ondataavailable = function(evt) {
   // push each chunk (blobs) in an array
mediaRecorder.onstop = function(evt) {
   // Make blob out of our blobs, and open it.
   var blob = new Blob(chunks, {type: 'audio/ogg; codecs=opus'});
    document.write('<audio controls></audio>');
   document.querySelector("audio").src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
Confirmed for Chrome above works. Jacob_ might want to add UI features to this though. Only works with .ogg, never mind what I said before.
Huh, neat.

But yeah it still needs to also catch the reverb & delay.
(01-04-2019, 03:59 PM)Kirbyderp Wrote: [ -> ]Huh, neat.

But yeah it still needs to also catch the reverb & delay.

Oof, it doesn't? For now it's Jacob_'s problem, but I may improve it if that is the case.
The individual channel nodes are connected to reverb/delay when those are active, so you'd have to consider that.