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Full Version: Chat Moderation
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I think a chat-only mod system would be neat. Users that are trusted to manage chat, but not full-on mods. It would help reduce the amount of spam the chat frequently receives. 

Chat only mods would only different from a normal user in 2 ways; able to mute users for a certain amount of time, (Maximum being somewhere between 60-120 minutes) and having an alert/slightly easier connection to one of the higher up mods, in case something ban-worthy has/ happened/is happening. 

Powers must be used responsibly, as this position's commands can be overridden by actual mods, and power revoked at any time. 

Requirements for being considered for the position would (at least) need to be 1 year on OS, and semi-frequent chat use (aka, being a known/frequent figure)

I believe this would help keep the chat's spam, '''''raids''''' and other general commotion/drama in check. Anyone else have anything to add below?
An alert, not a alert
(01-09-2019, 11:47 AM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]An alert, not a alert