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Full Version: Hardest Genre to Compose In?
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So I was thinking, what are the hardest genres to compose in. Tell the forum what you think with a 1 to 10 number in genres you've tried.


Metal.            3 to 6

Pop.               1

Jazz Fusion. 10

Avant garde.  6

Other jazz      7

Classical.       4

I'd say dubstep is most certainly a 10, but I've seen some people still manage it.
Also EDM in general has a lot going on so I'd put a 7 or 8 on it.
this is kinda dumb. how hard you think a genre is will depend mostly on 3 things:
1. how passionate you are about making music in that genre
2. how much you listen to the genre
and i forgot 3, but you better bet it had something to do with what you think about the genre, or the artists that make that genre.

my point is, it's all relative. a genre is only as hard as you think it is, and want it to be.

you should keep yourself in check on the subject, as well. its easy to fall into a pit of elitism when you dwell too much on this stuff.