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Full Version: What instrument idea?
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What instrument idea to add in online sequencer?
Tell us on the comments!

Cool Fire Fire Fire Cool
I know we already have piano put down, but I'd like to see a bit more variation on selection choices. Same goes for most other categories, but mostly piano-based instruments. If possible, who would like to have more synth sound choices? I've seen what they could be used for, and they are amazing if you put variation as a key. Anyway, just a few ideas to throw around here and there.
we have some pretty unusual suggestions: banjo and kazoo
(01-13-2019, 11:29 AM)cane118 Wrote: [ -> ]we have some pretty unusual suggestions: banjo and kazoo

Xlikeseek: That's a great idea!
1. String Ensemble
2. String Section
3. Church Organ (that would be epic)
4. Choir Ahh/Ooh
5. Close piano
6. Sax
Some of my ideas:
-Fender/Rhodes Electric Piano sound would be nice
-Choir / Ah's / Voice Synth
-Circus Organ or Rock Organ
-Acoustic Bass (Pizzicato is the closest thing we have)
-Fixed Nylon string guitar
-Rhodes electric piano (not the current one)
-extended strings and bass strings, also extend synth strings.
-Room drum kit/orchestral drum kit/add 8-bit drum kit outside of coding
-Better 8-bit square
-Fix flute to not sound so similar to 8-bit sine.
-Better bass instruments in general
(03-16-2019, 04:26 PM)GamemakerX1 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't ask for much but, We could use some the following item.
-We need a new mechanic like, FadingĀ and Eq-ing.
-Some more wind and brass would be nice.
-Better 8 bit sounds.(they sound good now but, It can improve.
-Dupstep leads and pads.
-Nylon String Guitar with a good bright sound.(similar to a sitar but the tone sounds like a harp.)
Thats all!
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