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Full Version: Mystic things
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Hello I'm sorry that I haven't learned all about what's going on, I've been too busy making songs and more.

As I know so far, is not only Jacob who is fixing and updating the sequencer and he have other things to do.
I'd like to know all who is working on it now? I hope you will never say: It's abandoned forever! Bigeyes

After I got the new computer the 8-bit instruments is much better, there's stillĀ "electric static clicks" sometimes though.
It's OK because it's just a small issue that won't be noticed very much, at least not on a newer computer, or soundcard.

The flute is like before. It's a wonderful instrument but in this case it's horrible on shorter notes.
Not very much OK - But really worth to improve!!! <3

There's some issue with the latest Opera browser where a new page pops up sometimes when I right click to delete notes.
I changed to Firefox and there's another problem. When I move notes it sounds like a machine gun because a note is playing
on the right arrow key that I have to press to move all the notes to the right. I wonder how to disable notes to be played on
the keyboard? Why is there a note on the arrow keys at all? It's only on the right arrow key.

I didn't use Google translate for this. I think you will understand anaway.
I've discovered that things isn't good anymore in Opera and Firefox is my standard browser now because it sounds OK there.
In Opera, delay on sawtooth doesn't work. If you are using Opera check the last sawtooth notes in measure 4 for example.
No delay on sawtooth...
In the sequencer with Firefox the latest version links to inspired and based on doesn't work for me. Is it the same for you?

If the same happens to you, do like this...

Example: If 1049229#1048505 is loading forever
Delete 1049229# from the URL address and press Enter (the URL should be marked).
Or just right-click on the link in the sequencer and open a new tab, it worked for me.