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Full Version: After a few months, Here i Am!
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Hi! I'm Presto, or Preston, whatever you wanna call me.

I'm 20 years old, going on 21 this upcoming summer! 

I'm not too good at making my own music, I play the bass guitar and have for about 6 years but that doesn't really relate to the art of Sequence making, now does it?

I have a twitch channel,  if you'd like to follow me and watch me play games like TF2, go to and give me a follow!
I pay attention to the chat most days that I'm on, although I don't think anyone really has anything to say to me due to how quiet I am.  Upside_down

Go check out my sequences, preferably my featured because all the ones in featured are the ones I'm most proud of.

Shoot me a friend request, and chat me up if I'm on if you'd like, I'm very nice and as long as you aren't a giant poop head, we'll get along just fine!
Hiya, I'm MysT! I go by MysTrysT because there are surprisingly a lot of Mysts out there. But please do just call me MysT. I don't think I've seen you before , so hello there. If you want to do a collaboration, I'm always open to do so. Not many people really want to collaborate , so it'll be some fun. You can check out my style of music at my profile, 11982.
Welcome to the OS forums! Glad to have another user among us!
Welcome, Capt.
•Nice videos, they look pretty high quality. Keep on streamin'.
•Also, you're the same age as me, nice. Not as many people here on this website seem to be over the age of about 17.
•Your sequences are pretty good.
•You might notice that if you keep composing here, you will notice a change in your sequence-making abilities. Usually you will get a ton better, and then over time you will become horrible at making sequences. That's just the way it goes. xD
henlo, you know who i am. im that weeb who goes meep meep when somebody says anime. yep.