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Full Version: Missing chat logs (and a glitch)
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The chat logs are missing messages; 1 per page (most of the time), unless they coincide with a glitch in the chat logs.
On page 15773, at the top of the logs, I made this remark "yes, and you varied it". I made that remark in response to 'void' (the user); but the message that I was remarking to, is missing between page 15772 and 15773. His statement was thus: "excuse my poor music terms but aren't waltez like: bass note followed by two chords back to bass note and so on"; it is missing. On page 15773, at the bottom, 'crimson' (the user) states: "looks like the perfect kind of material for me to do remixes of". Her follow-up message was " the past."; it is missing between page 15773 and 15774. Pages 15775 and 15776 have a glitch, of not displaying a full list of chat logs; though coincidentally, messages between pages 15773 and 15774, and between 15774 and 15775, and between 15775 and 15776 are not missing. The most recent pages (at the time of typing this text), pages 15777 and 15778; a message is missing between them. On page 15777, at the bottom, 'a rusty teakettle' (the user) states: "things are melting so the cold here is waning". His follow-up comment was: "a bit". That comment is missing between pages 15777 and 15778.

I noticed these missing chat logs some months ago, but I wasn't in the mood to mention it. I was looking through chat logs recently and I was annoyed to not find certain messages. At the time of the typing this text, 15778 pages of chat logs exist. Taking into account the glitch about some of those pages not displaying a full list of chat logs, and assuming that glitch is regular and not changing in its pattern, the formula for calculating the quantity of missing chat messages is thus: (15778 - 1) / 3 = 5259. 15777 is the maximum quantity of missing messages, assuming the other glitch is absent. 5259 is the minimum quantity of missing messages, assuming the other glitch is regular (a maximum and a minimum).  I have presented an issue that is of importance. Hopefully the primary problem shall be resolved.
If this bug has not yet been fixed then any person can see the bug if they leave the public chat-box open for long enough, and compare the chat the the last page of the chat logs and the page before the last one. Comparing these 2 pages where the logs of the last one continue from the previous page (top of last one, bottom of previous one), and comparing them to the chat-box you'll notice 1 missing chat message (unless the other glitch takes place that prevents the main bug from happening).