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Full Version: ABYSS and a Random Converstaion Thread
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Hello, ABYSSLORD here and I just want to see how far this gets. Just strike up a conversation. This is way different than chat because this is not meant to be an all-the-time thing so...

This is not a replacement for the chat. Do not treat this like one. No irrelevant topics. If you get off topic, try to get back on topic, okay? If the topic canges, then it might be me. If someone else changes the topic to something that is totaly different, click the "dumb"  icon and that will signify that they are off topic. I might put a "useful" up if I approve the topic. I will not report anybody unless I absolutely have to. No inappropriate subjects, trash talking, and no calling anything dumb or anything along the line. PERIOD!

Best song lyrics?

I vote Eye of Beholder be Metallica
I do not know... I will have to go with The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. I only like the original and I do not like the Simon and Garfunkle version.
This is the song. I did not include the voice.

this is the same
I have one more though...
Yes it may be Megalo but this is frickin epic!
(02-26-2019, 03:44 PM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ]fuck

Is it me or did I actually impress Lucent? I mean, he went from "Trash" to "*****." I think that means that he kind of regrets calling my threads and sequences trash. Oops Relief
That makes me feel a-little bit better because I have been stressed for a while.
Hello? Anybody paying attention? ...
A new conversation is open. Start one!
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